Currently, I am producing design work and marketing, for  the ‘Hope Streets’ project.
Curious Minds, who started the project is working with five heritage partners
including: The Atkinson, Bolton Museum, Lancashire Museums,
West Cheshire Museums and Tullie House. 

Hope Streets is a five year project that is designed to rethink the ways museums,
work with young people, creating exciting opportunities for them to work within
 the sector and engage with an active audience. 

Since October 2019, I have been apart of the Tullie House- Hope Street Group,
also known as Tullie House Hope Fest.  I have been working as a Young Producer with
other Young Producers, to plan and put-together a ‘Festival of- Hope’. 
I have really enjoyed working on this brief as I feel very strongly about our cause, which
is to  ‘create a brighter future, for the future generations’.  So far, I  have designed
posters, visual marketing-aids and also assisted in running the group’s social media. 

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